Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting for the Blizzard of 2011...when's the lizard going to pop out?

We are waiting for the "storm of the decade" to hit our small town and all around us. We haven't really had a huge storm of any kind for awhile now, so this should be good!  Apparently, Bella thinks a lizard is going to pop out of a snow bank or something, since she keeps looking for one.  I keep telling her B-lizzard, but she wants to hear lizard, so be it.

I've come to realize that life is all about waiting...we hear things that are going to happen or COULD happen, and then we wait.  Sometimes it's fun to wait, but usually not so much.  Like when Mattie and I had to wait for a train to pass while on our walk.  Now that was fun to see her reaction, since she's never been that close to one before!  Waiting for the snow is fun too, but only if you're safe inside, with heat (a fireplace helps too), and plenty to do!  (No baking today, sorry, everyone!  Just some chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot and chili on the stove).  Waiting for some news of a baby isn't fun, although it is fun to know that a call could come any day to tell us we're the ones!

So, here's to waiting for the blizzard (it has started here), the plows, the chili to be done, good news, and the lizard! 
Be safe and stay home if you can!


  1. If she wants to call it a "lizard", so be it. Hilarious ! When you think of a family, we think of you. You are so deserving of loving another child like you do Bella. She will be a delightful big sister. Wishing you luck in your venture and with love.

  2. It is so hard on you but exciting too to think Bella will have a tiny sibling very soon. You think you can never share the love you now have for your first with a second. Well, let me tell you, it just keeps on growing.