Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wishes for Spring

Today is supposedly the first day of spring and I guess it IS raining (no more snow)!  Yesterday would have been more appropriate for the 1st day, as it was sunny and I think all of the snow piles in our yard have finally disappeared, and it just looked prettier! 

So our new goal (maybe not so new, just going to actually do it) for TOMORROW is to get our butts moving and be more active.  Not too difficult for the 4 year old girl and 7 month old pup, it's just the rest of us in this house that need to be kicked out of the house and off the couch! Starting tomorrow, the male of the house is embarking on a twelve week exercise and diet transformation, where he will be doing things to become healthier and be able to fit in some of his old clothes, instead of buying new (and have some army guy kick his butt)! So, I suppose the "wifely" thing to do is to join him and not just be a cheerleader, as that's never worked before!  It's a good thing that all the Girl Scout cookies have been eaten and that I haven't bought anything bad for awhile from the grocery store.  We've got our weights ready, the elliptical downstairs needs a little dusting, and some meals need to be planned, but we are ready to start! 

Another wish for this house was stated so sweetly last night by Arabella about how she keeps wishin' and wishin' for a real baby to come to our house.  She loves taking care of her doll, but really wants "my own baby".  I told her to keep on wishin'...and she said wishes always come true...must be all those princess movies we've been watching!

I love our little family but would love to be awaiting a new family member right about now!
Wish us luck (especially with our new way of life that starts soon)!!!

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